Meet Our Grooming Manager – Ingrid Norman!

Meet Our Grooming Manager - Ingrid Norman!

Meet Our Grooming Manager!


Ingrid’s love for man’s best friend has influenced her ever since she was a young girl.


In 2005 she accepted the opportunity to go into a Petsmart grooming training program. In 2006 after completing her Groomer training, she signed on to work for Petsmart as a full time pet stylist. There, she refined her skills at every opportunity presented to her. She was part of the pet safety and handling team for her salon and worked her way up to training future pet groomers.


In 2011 Ingrid started working at All About the Dogs in German Village along side her mentors. With their guidance Ingrid started refining her scissoring skills and specializing in Bichons and Golden Doodles.


Throughout the years she continued to attend many training events and started to specialized in handling pets who have been rescued or suffered from traumatic experiences. With her patience and skills, she’s been able to rehabilitate many.


In 2015 Ingrid decided that she wanted to take her skills and credentials to the top of the industry and was accepted into the Nash Academy of Animal Arts. There, she was able to learn from Melinda Owsley, an exceptional competitive groomer, and Vivian Nash CEO, one of the first Certified Master Groomers in the world and winner of the bronze, silver and gold medals at Intergroom.


Ingrid decided that she wanted to become an instructor for NASH and in 2016 she double majored in “Dog Grooming and Styling”, and became the first NASH certified Practical Skills Instructor in Ohio.


Ingrid believes in teaching the safest and most humane methods of grooming to stylist. She believes in the art or grooming and passing on standards of excellence and safety to future generations.


Ingrid is very pleased to be Pinnacle Pets Grooming Manager and head Pet Stylist. She is ready to provide excellent care to your pets, answer any grooming questions, and teach new methods to pet owners who wish to know more about the aesthetic care of their pets.


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