Welcome to Pinnacle Pets Training!

Our experienced trainer, Lindsay, is ready and happy to work with your pup on learning a variety of new commands, tricks, and eliminating any undesirable behaviors such as jumping, pulling on a leash, barking etc. Our trainer will work with your pup to create a strong bond of trust and respect through positive reinforcement.

Pinnacle Pets will offer four main training routes for our guests:

  • Daycare/Day Boarding Add-ons
  • Board and Train Program
  • Private Lessons
    • In-Facility
    • In-Home
  • Group Classes

Initial Training Evaluation

Owners interested in dog training will start with a 30- minute Training Evaluation with Lindsay, our Trainer, to create a program that will work best for you and your dog’s needs.

Pet parents will meet with the trainer to:

  • Discuss training goals
  • Determine the best training route based on training goals
  • Develop a timeline with milestones to mark achievements
  • Discuss the cost of an individualized training program

Learning with Lindsay – Training Addons for Daycare/Day Boarding Reservations

Learning with Lindsay is a small 30-minute session conducted while your dog is already here for other services like daycare or day boarding. These lessons are quick and easy ways to learn simple behaviors or reinforce good behaviors by keeping up with the training structure

  • Discouraging jumping
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Basic commands: sit, stay, come
  • “Leave it” command
  • And so much more!

This can be scheduled most days, but for best results, a regular training schedule is recommended.

Board & Train Program

Our Board & Train option provides two 30-minute training sessions per day for a lesser rate than addon options for daycare/day boarding.

The Board & Train is perfect for dogs already staying with us for six or more days and you, and your dog, will benefit from training this way:

  • Board & Train allows your pup to fully immerse in the training program, providing faster and more effective results.
  • When they are not directly working with the trainer in one of their sessions per day, the staff working with them for regular boarding activities will be part of the training team and help reinforce the desired behaviors.
  • You will receive nightly feedback with pictures/videos from our trainer to discuss each day’s achievements.
  • The Board & Train program will include a 60-minute meeting with you at the end of their stay to go over their learned behaviors and how you can continue reinforcing what they learned, at home.
  • We will continue communication for at least a few weeks to ensure everything is going smoothly and help troubleshoot any hurdles.
  • Following a Board & Train program, you are also eligible for discounted rates on Private and Group lessons!

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are one-on-one sessions with you, your dog, and our trainer. We can work on a variety of different behaviors in lessons that are tailored specifically to your dog’s needs. Private Lessons are a great way to pinpoint specific areas of focus and help you continue teaching at home. Lessons last for one hour and are held every 1-2 weeks. Discounts on packages are available.

In-Home Private Lessons 

We understand that some behaviors and reactions can’t be properly replicated at our facility. We now offer in-home training lessons to help you, and your family, fix troublesome behaviors and concerns right where they happen.

Group Classes Coming Soon!

For more information regarding our training program, see our Frequently Asked Training Questions or contact us today!