Higher Grooming Standards at a Lower Cost: Academy Pricing Available!

Higher Grooming Standards at a Lower Cost: Academy Pricing Available!

Pinnacle Pets is now a Nash Academy Training Site!


  • What is the Nash Academy?
    • an internationally recognized pet care training program, specializing in grooming;
    • who focuses on the safety, health, and best practices for specific breeds;
    • and ensures each student is trained in the anatomy of each pup, resulting in fewer injuries and high quality grooms.

Our Nash certified Grooming Manager, Ingrid Norman, has judged and participated in grooming competitions across the country.  Because of her skill, motivation, and dedication to safety, Nash Academy certified her to pass on knowledge to eager students.  Now, Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay is a Nash certified training site and will be training the rising stars of the grooming world to the highest standards available.

  • What is Academy Pricing?
    • While Pinnacle Pets has Nash students, you’ll get to reap the benefits.  By utilizing our trainees, you will be able to take advantage of reduced pricing on bathing and grooming services.  Academy students will be supervised at all times by our Grooming Manager.
    • Grooming Discounts can be as much as 50% off with Academy Pricing!

If you are interested in helping a new groomer gain experience and saving money, please contact us for your estimate and reservation in our salon.  Make sure to mention Academy Pricing while making your reservation!

Thank you for supporting the students at Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay!

For more information about Nash Academy, please visit: http://www.nashacademy.com/

*Please note that Academy grooms are limited to a small number per day and may take longer than a groom done by a more experienced groomer.  All Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay vaccination requirements apply to Academy Grooms.  Click HERE to review our vaccination requirements and to set up a profile!

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