Pinnacle Pets Boutique

We carry some of the best of the best pet products. Our boutique only sells items that have been extensively researched to ensure that only the highest grades of nutrition, safe play and environmentally responsible products reach our shelves.

We strive to carry items that you may not be able to find other places. We provide fun unique items that make perfect gifts for the discerning pet owner or the most finicky pet. Our foods and treats have the highest quality ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of your pets. Our products include specifically targeted  goods that are specific to both small and large breeds as well as young pups, older dogs and every four-legged furry friend in between. We only carry brands that we feel proud provide to our own pets and recommend to other pet parents.

While visiting our Pet Boutique, watch our large flat screen televisions playing live feeds from our doggie cameras. Also, be sure to check out our viewing windows into our splash pad play area to watch some fun water play in action.