Jan 2022

Did a new fuzzy friend just join your family? It is so important for young pups to learn positive social skills with humans, other dogs, and new environments. Pinnacle Pets Puppy Playcare is a new, one-a-week program that allows young dogs to gain the skills and confidence needed to be healthy and happy in new situations. Teaching socialization at a young age opens opportunities to enjoy life with your dog. They will quickly learn the social cues required to greet and play nicely with new friends, making them a good fit for......

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Apr 2017
Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay Grooming Difference

Training and Education Nash Certified Groomers – Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay Groomers come from a specialty school focused on the health, safety, and precision of grooming each breed of dog.  They have the experience, the correct instruction, and the certifications to prove they can groom your pup safely, and to the highest quality that you deserve. Nash Academy Groomers – We have academy students training with us.  Not only are we teaching our future Groomers the Nash Academy way with a certified instructor, but you get to reap the benefits of a pricing......

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Oct 2016
Daycare Play - How Great is it for Your Dog?

If you’ve ever wondered if daycare for your pup is worth it, it is… if you pick a good one! Most dogs don’t receive the stimulation, exercise, and social time with other dogs that they need.  Everyone knows that exercise is important for dogs.  If they can’t run off that energy, they tend to be destructive (I have an Australian Cattle dog and have lost a couple of pillows, papers, socks, shoes… you get the idea!)  Once your furry friend has an adequate outlet for that energy, they calm down, listen better,......

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