Daycare Play – How Great is it for Your Dog?

Daycare Play - How Great is it for Your Dog?

Two dogs lying in leaves

If you’ve ever wondered if daycare for your pup is worth it, it is… if you pick a good one!

Most dogs don’t receive the stimulation, exercise, and social time with other dogs that they need.  Everyone knows that exercise is important for dogs.  If they can’t run off that energy, they tend to be destructive (I have an Australian Cattle dog and have lost a couple of pillows, papers, socks, shoes… you get the idea!)  Once your furry friend has an adequate outlet for that energy, they calm down, listen better, and are both physically and mentally healthier.  Once I realized my dog, Loki, had more energy to burn than I realized, I was able to meet his needs and haven’t had any destroyed household items since.

Social time is also extremely important for dogs.  The dogs that can’t tolerate the company of others hasn’t been adequately socialized.  Socialization should happen when they are puppies and continue into their adult life.  Seeing other dogs as a threat is dangerous for all dogs and humans involved.  Seeing other dogs as friends to be played with is healthier and happier alternative.

Daycare is good for you and your dog for a multitude of reasons:

  • Dogs receive socialization in a safe and monitored environment.
  • Dogs exercise off excess energy with trained employees and other social pups.
  • You don’t feel guilty about leaving your best furry friend alone at home.
  • You pick up a happily exhausted pup.
  • Trained staff keep your pup mentally engaged by teaching socially acceptable behaviors and tricks.
  • You receive report cards and pictures of the fun (at some daycares).
  • Dogs have little to no separation anxiety – they are quite distracted by the fun!

Your pup might not be badly behaved, but putting them in an environment where they can make friends, be mentally and physically engaged, and learn new things only improves their life.  If you’re like me and feel guilty every time your dog is home alone for longer than an hour or two, daycare is going to be good for you, too!

Pinnacle Pets’ daycare services offer full and half-daycare with expertly trained staff members at a low human-to-dog ratio.  You’ll receive pictures of your dog’s play, but if you can’t wait, we have webcams that can viewed at all times during your pup’s stay.  When you pick up your friend, you’ll receive a report card letting you know how their day was, what they accomplished, and what any challenges were.  You can be sure your pup will love daycare with Pinnacle Pets as much as you will.