Dog and Puppy Daycare!

Your fuzzy friend will have a blast with our daycare activities and caring staff.  Here are a few amenities your pup will enjoy:

***We are currently on a waitlist for new adult (5 months and older) daycare pups. Please contact us to be added to the list!***

  • Individualized playgroups based on your dog’s personality and size
  • Caretakers trained in dog body language and safety
  • Specialized playground equipment that’s safe and fun for dogs
  • Indoor and outdoor customized Splash Pad
  • Doggy pools for hot day water play!
  • Indoor and Outdoor playground equipment
  • Structured activities to keep dogs engaged and challenged
  • Entertaining playground equipment in all play yards
  • State of the art HVAC system with Ultraviolet Air Purification
  • K9 Grass in outdoor play yards – for comfort, safety, and health
  • Specialized games for entertaining and challenging your pup!
  • Daily report cards so you can collect all the pictures and be informed of any concerns!

Drop-off hours for Daycare: Monday-Friday: 6:30 am – 9:00 am

Saturday: 9:00 am -11:00 am

Pick-up hours for Daycare: Monday-Friday: Half-day by 1:00 pm.  Full-day by 7:30 pm

Saturday (considered a full-day) pick up by 5:00 pm

Introducing: Puppy Playcare!

Did a new pup just join your family? Puppy Socialization is SO important to help them grow, learn, and gain confidence!


Our new Puppy Playcare program is designed for young pups to learn the fundamentals of good play in a safe and controlled environment. Currently, Puppy Playcare is Wednesdays only so don’t delay scheduling your first visit!


  • Puppy Playcare is structured to be the perfect mix of rest, learning, and play so your pup will come home tired, but not exhausted.
  • Bring lunch – we’ll serve it at 1 pm at no additional cost because we know how important it is for puppies to eat throughout the day!
  • Your pup will work with professional attendants that have learned how to teach pups the right way to play and learn.
  • Puppy Playcare groups are small and personalized for maximum personal attention.
  • Puppy Playcare is separate from the other guests in the building to keep them as protected as possible while getting their vaccinations boostered and immune systems formed.
  • Puppy Playcare has a temperature-controlled indoor area with the ability to go outside and enjoy our K9 Grass and play equipment.
  • Pups will have the ability to add on experiences during their rest time to keep them happy and their minds busy while their body rests. Addons can include:
    • Training with our certified trainer on basic obedience or any problematic behaviors
    • Succulent Snacks, including bakery cookies, frozen peanut butter and pumpkin kongs, and ice cream
    • LickiMats with peanut butter or soft cheese
    • Puzzle Games to work their noses and problem solving
    • Enrichment Sessions of snuggles or more time to hang out outside with a human
    • Dental Bites to have a snack before their nap
    • And so much more!
Interested in Puppy Playcare? Review the requirements HERE!
Then, give us a call to get set up with your FREE initial Meet & Greet with our Puppy Playcare Specialist/Certified Dog Trainer to learn more about the program, the perks, and some tips on puppy care.

First Time Pets

Join the fun!  Your pet will be happily exhausted after spending the day playing with friends.  Click below to set up your profile and view our Daycare requirements.

Returning Pets

Welcome back!  We’re looking forward to spending more time with your furry friend  in daycare.  Click below to make a reservation for your next visit through your online profile.  We’ll see you soon!

Live Video Feed

Are you wondering how your dog is doing and wanting to check on them?  Click below to view the live video stream of your dog having a blast in one of our play yards.