Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay Grooming Difference

Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay Grooming Difference

Training and Education

Nash Certified Groomers – Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay Groomers come from a specialty school focused on the health, safety, and precision of grooming each breed of dog.  They have the experience, the correct instruction, and the certifications to prove they can groom your pup safely, and to the highest quality that you deserve.

Nash Academy Groomers – We have academy students training with us.  Not only are we teaching our future Groomers the Nash Academy way with a certified instructor, but you get to reap the benefits of a pricing discount if you choose to help them gain experience to make them great! *Each Academy groom is fully supervised by our Nash Academy certified instructor.

Knowledge – We understand that each furry friend is different.  Breed, temperament, coat type, and past experience knowledge makes a huge difference in making your pup feel comfortable.  Our groomers take the time to talk with you while they assess each individual dog.  No groom is the same – we cater to your desires and your pup’s safety and comfort.

Anatomy – Every dog’s anatomy is different depending on breed, age, nutrition, and medical conditions.  Understanding the natural movements of the muscles and bones means that our groomer’s know how to move the body comfortably.  As dogs age, they lose their range of motion and arthritis can set in – our groomers are very conscious of each pup’s movement capability and comfort level.  We also ask each owner to tell us of any concerns or medical condition before starting the groom.  Anatomy also plays a role in the correct placement of hair patterns during a groom.  Your pup will look balanced because of their natural shape being used to decide on their haircut!  Ear cleaning is extremely important – our groomer’s understand different breed’s ear canal structure and hair growth patterns to reduce chances of the common concurrence of ear infections (or making existing infections worse).

Equipment – we use the best equipment in the industry to make your pup’s grooming experience the best.

No Heat Dryers – Our dryers cater to the pup.

High Velocity Dryers – can be controlled for the amount of force.  Not all dogs can have the same amount of force used on them.

Stand Dryer – very quiet with steady airflow.  Good for pups or scared dogs because it is very easy on them.

Kennel dryer – timed, constant fluff of air with no heat.  Good for dogs that are very scared of being on the table or crowded.

Shampoo System – Our Savur Fur system mixes the shampoo and water so there is just the right amount portioned shampoo.  Using this system helps cut the bath time by about half which also reduces anxiety.  It also has great deshedding features which saves on brushing time!

Happy Hoodies – Our Happy Hoodies are used in each groom.  The comfortable cloth material is slipped over the head, covering the ears, to reduce the sound, water, and air impact on your pup’s sensitive ears. They help your pup relax by making them feel safe and secure.

Groomer’s Helpers – Groomer’s Helpers provide extra safety to gently secure the pups to the table.  Even though our groomers will never leave them unattended (hands-on policy), the Groomer’s Helpers will make sure they don’t accidentally move off the table, reduces the need for a muzzle in some situations, and helps the pup feel more secure.

Clippers – Pinnacle Pets uses two kinds of clippers.  A heavy-duty clipper and a light clipper.  Even though the heavy duty clipper will increase the efficiency of the groom, some pups are anxious about the noise.  In those situations, our light duty clipper that is silent and gentle.  Our priority is the comfort and happiness of the pup, not the speed.

Cleanliness – All our tables and blades are cleaned in between uses – all drying enclosures, floors, tables, and supplies are thoroughly cleaned each night to prevent the spread of germs.

Our grooming salon provides the best experience and care to your pup.  Contact us today for more information, scheduling, and pricing!

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