Introducing: Puppy Playcare!

Introducing: Puppy Playcare!

Did a new fuzzy friend just join your family?

It is so important for young pups to learn positive social skills with humans, other dogs, and new environments.

Pinnacle Pets Puppy Playcare is a new, one-a-week program that allows young dogs to gain the skills and confidence needed to be healthy and happy in new situations.

Teaching socialization at a young age opens opportunities to enjoy life with your dog. They will quickly learn the social cues required to greet and play nicely with new friends, making them a good fit for doggy daycare, meeting your neighbor’s pup, or spending time in any social environment. The possibilities are endless when they have the skills!

On top of the obvious social side – your new pup will learn so many other valuable skills through experience at Puppy Playcare. Just to name a few:

1) Crate/Enclosure Experience – perfect for if you need to board your friend or crate them while you are at work. Our young guests are very excited about everything and won’t know their own limits right away. Puppy Playcare is a balance of play and rest to practice good health and self-awareness.

2) Meeting New People – our experienced team helps promote good behavior with positive reinforcement by practicing greetings that are calm and positive instead of anxious, jumpy, and nippy. It’s cute as a puppy but as they get older, that nipping and jumping can hurt someone! We’ll balance love and snuggles with learning all day!

3) Problem-Solving Skills – With many add-on options during the rest period, your pup can change focuses and learn valuable skills that can be built on for years to come. Puzzle toys, treat games, training lessons with our certified trainer, lick mats, and more. Keeping that brain busy is just as important as the body!

Give your pup the experience of a lifetime (literally!) with Puppy Playcare at Pinnacle Pets.

Stop by our facility for a tour, give us a call to ask questions, set up your session, or learn more.