Overnight Accommodations

Our overnight accommodations will offer a choice of Luxury and Base Camp suites with 24/7 human companionship and plenty of attention.

You will have ease of mind while your pets enjoy our state-of-the-art facility, in their comfortable room or during monitored playtime. Our highly-trained staff will provide them with all the love and attention you would give them at home.

Every dog is a special guest and receives the following during their stay:

  • 4 daily outdoor “comfort” breaks
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Comfortable elevated orthopedic beds
  • Climate controlled
  • Soothing music for stress reduction
  • Air purification system
  • Video monitoring system for safety and security
  • Room service dining with continuously fresh water
  • Activity opportunities
  • Daily report of stay with pictures
  • Plenty of TLC and human interaction

Cat Boarding is also available!  Click here to visit our Kitty Korner Page for more information.

Day Boarding is available! Day Boarding is a convenient way to make sure your pets are taken care of during the day! Medication administration, potty breaks outside, feeding, love, and attention… and you can drop off and pick up the same day without the overnight stay! This is an excellent fit for dogs that need to be cared for throughout the day that aren’t comfortable in the group-play setting of dog daycare. Dog boarding just for the day is currently only available Monday-Thursdays! $30/dog in our Base Camp Suites or $34/dog in our Luxury Suites! Drop off as early as 6:30 am and pick up as late as 7:30 pm.

Drop-off hours for boarding: Anytime during our business hours!

Pick-up hours for boarding: Monday-Friday 6:30am-12pm, Saturday/Sunday: 9am-12pm. Pets not picked up by noon will be automatically charged for a half-day of care. Please let us know when to expect you when making a reservation so we can accommodate all our guests!

Luxury Suites

Your pup will be living in the lap of luxury in our spacious suite.

Extra amenities include:

  • 4 outdoor “comfort” breaks
  • A television tuned to their favorite channel
  • 24/7 viewing capability from our webcam login
  • Themed rooms to match their personality and style
    Prices start at $45/night

  • The choice of suite sizes include:
  • Luxury Prince/Princess Suite 6ft x 4ft = 24 square feet
  • Luxury Queen Suite 8ft x 6ft = 48 square feet
  • Luxury King Suite 8ft x 8ft = 64 square feet

Base Camp Suites

If you don’t need 24/7 viewing of your pup, our Base Camp Suites are a great choice-and they’re just as comfortable.

They still receive all the perks of any of our guests:

  • 4 outdoor “comfort” breaks
  • Soothing music
  • Individual attention
  • Comfortable raised beds
    Prices start at $35/night

  • The choice of accommodation sizes include:
  • Petite Base Camp Suite 3ft x 5ft = 15 square feet
  • Medium Base Camp Suite 4ft x 6ft = 24 square feet
  • Large Base Camp Suite 5ft x 6ft = 30 square feet
  • XLarge Base Camp Suite 6ft x 6ft = 36 square feet

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