Pet Resort Cleaning – What To Look For To Make Sure Your Pet Is Safe!

Pet Resort Cleaning - What To Look For To Make Sure Your Pet Is Safe!

Caring for a lot of dogs can be fun, chaotic, and messy! 

If you are checking out a new facility for your fuzzy loved one, one of the first things you will notice is the smell and cleanliness. If the surface of a place isn’t clean, there can be a quick concern about the inner workings that made it that way.

Even if the surface is clean, the smell that lingers can say a lot about cleaning and sanitizing practices. While it can be pretty rare to have a place filled with dogs to smell perfect, it shouldn’t smell like waste, urine, or strong chemicals (like bleach). If you can smell it, so can the rest of the dogs with their extremely sensitive noses, and being overloaded with scents can greatly increase anxiety for them as well as jeopardize their health.

A good question to ask a new facility is, “What is your cleaning procedure?”

The answer should be pretty quick and detailed. Here are some helpful tips on how a facility focused on the cleanliness standards should answer:

What tools do they use to clean?

There are many tools for cleaning but there will always be items that do way better than others. Take mops, for example. Mops are a great way to clean up a spill or spread a chemical around but whatever that mop is picking up is heading right back into the liquid in the bucket and being tracked to a new place in the building. The bristles of the mop should also be cleaned frequently to stop bacteria from building up before being used again.

Some facilities have high-tech systems that are made just for pet care facilities. Clean-Wise is one that Pinnacle Pets uses and is a system fully integrated into the building. The Triple Two chemical used is made for cleaning up animal contaminates and is non-toxic. The Clean-Wise system has wands connected to hoses to vacuum up the mess and completely remove it from the building leaving the floor clean, sanitized, and dry with no spread of germs to the next area.

What products do they use for cleaning?

No chemicals are GOOD for animal health but there are some products that, although pricey, are considered safer and non-toxic to use around pets. Bleach and other household cleaners are not ideal but veterinary-grade cleaners like Rescue, Triple Two, and Eliminator are some of the best products for pet facilities that target dog-specific germs and bacteria and are less harmful if accidentally ingested or inhaled.

How often do surfaces get cleaned?

This probably depends on the surface! For us, we try to sanitize all the yards 1-2 times a week with spot sanitization and cleaning as needed. For daycare floors, they should be sanitized EVERY day before a new round of pups comes in. Rooms should be spot-cleaned and sanitized as needed and fully cleaned between each dog or once a week, whichever comes first! Room cleaning is pretty standard and the rest of it is all about how many dogs come and go. Yards and weather will also play a big role in how often floors need to be cleaned. If yards have real grass and dirt or there is no outdoor yard at all, it’s more likely that the floors need to be scrubbed frequently. Dishes should be cleaned every day and bedding as needed and between each dog.

So next time you are checking out a place for your pet to visit, play, or stay, be sure to use a critical eye (and nose) and ask those questions to ensure it’s the best fit for your friend!


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