Welcome to Pinnacle Pets Training!

Our experienced and certified trainer, Lindsay, is ready and happy to work with your pup on learning a variety of new commands, tricks, and eliminating any undesirable behaviors such as jumping, pulling on a leash, barking etc. Our trainer will work with your pup to create a strong bond of trust and respect through positive reinforcement.

Pinnacle Pets will offer four main training routes for our guests:

  • Daycare/Day Boarding Addons
  • Board and Train Program
  • Private Lessons
    • In-Facility
    • In-Home

Initial Training Evaluation

Owners interested in dog training will start with a 30- minute Training Evaluation with Lindsay, our Trainer, to create a program that will work best for you and your dog’s needs.

Pet parents will meet with the trainer to:

  • Discuss training goals
  • Determine the best training route based on training goals
  • Develop a timeline with milestones to mark achievements
  • Discuss the cost of an individualized training program

Learning with Lindsay – Training Addons for Daycare/Day Boarding Reservations

Learning with Lindsay is a small 30-minute session conducted while your dog is already here for other services like daycare or day boarding. These lessons are quick and easy ways to learn simple behaviors or reinforce good behaviors by keeping up with the training structure

  • Discouraging jumping
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Basic commands: sit, stay, come
  • “Leave it” command
  • Treadmill Training
  • And so much more!

This can be scheduled most days, but for best results, a regular training schedule is recommended.

Board & Train Program

Our Board & Train option provides two 30-minute training sessions per day for a lesser rate than addon options for daycare/day boarding.

The Board & Train is perfect for dogs already staying with us for six or more days and you, and your dog, will benefit from training this way:

  • Board & Train allows your pup to fully immerse in the training program, providing faster and more effective results.
  • When they are not directly working with the trainer in one of their sessions per day, the staff working with them for regular boarding activities will be part of the training team and help reinforce the desired behaviors.
  • You will receive nightly feedback with pictures/videos from our trainer to discuss each day’s achievements.
  • The Board & Train program will include a 60-minute meeting with you at the end of their stay to go over their learned behaviors and how you can continue reinforcing what they learned, at home.
  • We will continue communication for at least a few weeks to ensure everything is going smoothly and help troubleshoot any hurdles.
  • Following a Board & Train program, you are also eligible for discounted rates on Private and Group lessons!

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are one-on-one sessions with you, your dog, and our trainer. We can work on a variety of different behaviors in lessons that are tailored specifically to your dog’s needs. Private Lessons are a great way to pinpoint specific areas of focus and help you continue teaching at home. Lessons last for one hour and are held every 1-2 weeks. Discounts on packages are available.

In-Home Private Lessons 

We understand that some behaviors and reactions can’t be properly replicated at our facility. We now offer in-home training lessons to help you, and your family, fix troublesome behaviors and concerns right where they happen.

For more information regarding our training program, see our Frequently Asked Training Questions or contact us today!


I am writing in regards to Lindsay Summers and her amazing work with my rescue dog, Freddie Furcury. Initially, I had hoped to enroll Freddie in doggie daycare. Unfortunately, I had discovered that Freddie was highly reactive and was unable to be socialized with groups of dogs. He was also extremely toy and food aggressive, which was an issue with my housemate’s dog. My sister Erin recommended Pinnacle Pets & Play highly since she already had her dog enrolled there. As I feared, Freddie failed his daycare evaluation at Pinnacle due to his reactive nature with other dogs. However, it was recommended that I try working with Lindsay on some of Freddie’s behaviors. Where other groups turned him away, Lindsay and the staff at Pinnacle were immediately optimistic and extremely positive that they could help Freddie. He began day-boarding and training with Lindsay twice a week. Lindsay started with basic commands so she could assess his general temperament. She discovered that Freddie is extremely food motivated, so she used treats as focus mechanisms and for positive reinforcement. Freddie showed quick progress with Lindsay’s skill and guidance. One of the many benefits of working with Lindsay and the staff at Pinnacle is that I received written report cards from day-boarding and videos of Lindsay’s training sessions with Freddie. Lindsay’s commitment to Freddie’s well-being is genuine and unparalleled. She is highly communicative and would always answer my questions and offer honest advice. Within just a few weeks, Freddie’s reactive nature had diminished profoundly. He no longer tussled with my housemate’s dog over toys and would be more attentive to my own commands regarding being patient with food. I personally benefited from the private training sessions with Lindsay so that I could continue his training at home with positive results.

Over the next several weeks, Lindsay worked with Freddie on his reactivity with toys and leash walking skills. Again, the results were immediate and fantastic. You could tell Freddie’s general level of comfort was benefiting immensely because of Lindsay. She then moved on to introducing Freddie to individual dogs to assess his reactivity and help him feel safe and sociable. Freddie may not ever be able to be in large groups dogs, but the work Lindsay has done with him has allowed him to process his reactivity in more healthy and safe ways. I am beyond grateful for what Lindsay has done for Freddie. Her compassion and professionalism cannot be measured, and I feel like I am more attentive and constructive dog owner because of her.” – Kevin J.

When Lily developed eye allergies, we found ourselves with two adults chasing down and wrestling a dog half our size to give her eye drops. She was terrified and it wasn’t safe for any of us. Lily goes to Pinnacle for daycare twice a week so we reached out to Lindsay to see if she had any ideas.

When we met with her, she was excited to help us develop a plan to get Lily more comfortable with her eye drops even though it wasn’t a typical training request. She was open about the fact that this would be a process and we were all going to have to work with Lily gave us to find a solution. We started with some counterconditioning (and lots of hot dogs) to reduce Lily’s fear of the eye drops and also introduced a target command which became her one of her favorite games. We were eventually able to take both things and coach Lily to put her chin in our hand and hold it there while we put her drops in her eyes. We still use mini-sessions where we practice the behavior without the drops and with lots of treats to keep it fun for her.

Lindsay kept the daycare staff in the loop so they could help reinforce the behaviors and didn’t hesitate to pull her out and work with her for a few minutes here and there when she was able. More importantly, she let Lily lead the way – everything we did was about reducing her fear and making it fun for her. We never pushed her beyond what she was comfortable with and Lindsay worked with the behaviors Lily gave us and helped mold that into something that would allow us to safely medicate her. Even though we’re no longer actively working with Lindsay, she still engages with Lily in daycare and even uses her to help in training exercises when it’s a good fit. She knows and loves our dog and we won’t hesitate to reach out to her again if we should need it.” – Kim S.

“Our family has had a wonderful experience at Pinnacle Pets over the past six months. We were desperately looking around for a trainer for our out-of-control labradoodle. We were not pleased with the results that we were receiving with another trainer and were actually turned down by a few other trainers that had been recommended.

I called Pinnacle Pets and learned that they in fact had a trainer that would work with us. Lindsay, made a commitment on Day 1 that she would be able to help turn things around. It’s been a lot of work but we are seeing great improvements.

Lindsay has been very committed and goes above and beyond – checking-in with us to see how Charley is doing and has worked with the day care staff on how to handle Charley to reinforce the training. With the combination of Lindsay’s work and Charley’s time spent at daycare – she is behaving better each and every day! We still have work to do – however, we are 100% confident that we found the right trainer and facility!

Pinnacle Pets has become Charley’s home away from home 🙂 And, Lindsay just might be her favorite human!!” – Julie C.


“We adopted Camelot (Cammy) from Columbus Humane in January 2019.  She was very friendly with people, well-behaved in the house and we were thrilled to have her as part of our family.   Unfortunately, whenever we encountered another dog (whether the dog was in a house, behind a fence or out on a walk), she pulled and barked and kicked up a huge fuss.  We hoped Cammy could learn to be more friendly with other dogs, so we met with Lindsay at Pinnacle Pets. Lindsay quickly evaluated the problem and created a training program to address the issues.  Lindsay met with us weekly from March 6 through May 20th. My daughter and I learned how to practice basic commands and leash skills between our weekly lessons. The training lessons with Lindsay did not magically fix the problem. We practiced the skills every day and worked hard at home between lessons.  The training lessons also did not change Cammy’s basic temperament — she is still not very dog friendly, and we still have to pay attention when other dogs are near.  However, we can walk around the neighborhood and on trails and she will (mostly) ignore the dogs we encounter!  In addition to decreasing Cammy’s reactivity to other dogs, Lindsay also helped us train Cammy to run along with my daughter while bike-riding.  We are very happy with the results and grateful to Lindsay for teaching us how to help Cammy be her very best self!” – The Rudy Family: Leslie, Keegan and Camelot.

After researching potential trainers to help with my lab pup, I chose Lindsay because I liked the options presented for training (onsite, offsite), especially the promise of positive reinforcement!

When we met Lindsay, I was happy that I had found someone who was willing to train for more than basic commands. She was also excited and energized about training my pup as a service dog.  Lindsay has been committed to MiaCara’s training–both to help her become a fun member of my family and to teach her how to help others. Lindsay’s calm and matter-of-fact manner toward Mia (and me) settles both of us when we become frustrated with each other. Lindsay always remembers that Mia also loves to play.  So between training, there are lots of hugging, petting and ball throwing. Mia adores Lindsay, but I also see that Mia has learned so much about impulse control from Lindsay’s steady hand. I have a very young neighbor who was a little scared of Mia when they first met; however, Mia can now control her jumping (most of the time). My neighbor now runs to hug and pet Mia as soon as he sees her. That’s pretty special!

I also appreciate the training notes and videos that Lindsay has provided. These references allows me to work with Mia at home and to check back to make sure I am giving the proper instructions to Mia.  Because of Lindsay’s thoroughness and dedication, Mia is becoming a dog that can go anywhere with me!” – Mary Joe

Within a week of bringing our dog home from the shelter, we reached out to Lindsay at Pinnacle Pets for guidance. As first time dog owners, we had no idea what to do with this stubborn ball of energy that we had brought home. After 7 months of training, we have learned just as much as Forest. We still have a ball of energy on our hands, but we feel better equipped as dog parents. We are often complimented on his manners and his behavior, and it’s all thanks to Lindsay!!” – Joe

Within a week of bringing our dog home from the shelter, we reached out to Lindsay at Pinnacle Pets for guidance. As first time dog owners, we had no idea what to do with this stubborn ball of energy that we had brought home. After 7 months of training, we have learned just as much as Forest. We still have a ball of energy on our hands, but we feel better equipped as dog parents. We are often complimented on his manners and his behavior, and it’s all thanks to Lindsay!!” – Christina


I adopted Archer, a rescue dog earlier this year. Initially, I had hoped to enroll Archer in Pinnacle’s doggie daycare, but unfortunately, I discovered that Archer was highly reactive and was unable to socialize with other dogs even during our normal  daily walks. Therefore I turned to Lindsay Summers for help, so that Archer could be accepted to doggie daycare. 

She worked with Archer, and myself with leash and his social skills with other dogs. We began our training shortly after our first visit to Pinnacle.With just a few training sessions, I could see a vast turnaround in Archer’s behavior immediately. Also, Lindsay had pointed out to me the “do’s and don’t” of basic voice commands, as I was confusing Archer. After making a few adjustments to my commands, Archer no longer reacted negative or confused to what I was asking from him. We are often complimented during our walks on his behavior and manners due to Lindsay’s superb personal  training. 

Throughout our weekly training visits, I could see how Lindsay’s training goals were being met and exceeded with each lesson. Lindsay’s expertise and professionalism was just what Archer and I needed.  Archer is totally a different dog socially and I now have pleasant and relaxing walks. I look forward to bringing Archer to doggie daycare where he can socialize and make new friends!

Lindsay’s professional and personal training skills are excellent!  I would highly recommend her as your personal trainer.

Thank you Lindsay!!” – Tim S.


“When my dog first started in daycare, he lacked impulse control and did not listen well. He also had a bad habit of demand barking. After just a few training sessions with Lindsay, my dog started behaving so much better. Now, he listens when called and can even be off leash without worry. It was amazing to see his transformation. 

Thanks, Lindsay!” – Rebecca J.

Bennie and Ollie

“We started Private Training Lessons with Lindsay at Pinnacle Pets in March with our two Yorkies, Bennie and Ollie. Both of our dogs are very sweet and, for the most part, well-behaved. Bennie, who is three years old, had always been obedient and calm in nature. When we introduced Ollie into our family, despite their brotherly bonding, we quickly noticed some behaviors that we wanted corrected. Being a young puppy full of energy, Ollie would get into squabbles with his brother and needed some basic manners and obedience training.

We worked with Lindsay for about three months and have seen a significant improvement in both our dogs, and especially Ollie, who has come a long way! Although we initially intended to focus training on Ollie and Bennie was just along for the ride, we have seen huge progress from both dogs. Lindsay helped us work with Bennie and Ollie on basic commands, such as sitting and recalling. By the end of training lessons, both dogs were successfully recalling from around the entire facility at Pinnacle, outside, and from long distances.

Lindsay also helped us work on training Ollie to keep his attention while Bennie chewed on a bone (which Ollie would previously fight his brother for) as well as counter-conditioning to prevent resource-guarding. After several weeks of training, Ollie and Bennie are able to peacefully chew bones together and Ollie has even been trained well enough that he lets his brother engage in other play and activities without bothering him!

Lindsay was so helpful in gently pointing out common mistakes and errors we were making that were working counter to our training goals. She also kept us accountable and active in maintaining our progress at home by giving us “homework” and checking up on our progress. Lindsay provided proper education when appropriate while making training fun and enjoyable for all of us. We are so grateful for Lindsay’s expertise!” – Shawn R.

Lindsay is great! She taught us how work with our dogs on barking, recall, and basic manners. Lindsay enthusiastically answered any questions we had along the way. She helped us make a schedule for training at home each week, and always gave us good feedback on how we were doing. We enjoyed each training class, and we now have the tools we need to continue with everything Lindsay taught us. Our dogs are happy, and we are happy. We highly recommend Lindsay as a trainer, and if we ever need to work on something in the future, we will happily go back to her. – Noelle W.